If you are interested in talking at UX Talk Tokyo

Please get in touch via email or catch us at an event. Topics that are popular with the UX Talk Tokyo community are:

  • focussing on a project
  • a case study
  • a method
  • a tool, app/service The audience includes UX experts and novices, and people from related fields. Please try to include something for everybody.

If you are scheduled to talk

Here are some notes on the event and final preparations:

  • Please make sure we have: your name, your description (e.g. your title and company), talk title, talk description
  • On the day of the presentation please arrive by 6:50pm.
  • Your talk should be about 15-20 minutes. We’ll open for questions afterwards.
  • Bring a laptop, or ask us beforehand if you need to borrow one.
  • There will be a projector with all the regular connectors.
  • If you’ll speak in English, please add Japanese subtitles to your slides, or vice versa. We can do this for you if you give us the deck 3-4 days before.
  • Please try to join the nijikai (afterparty). People will be keen to talk more.