25 participants

Gengo offices 3-27-11, Yushin bldg 8F, Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan 150-0002

There will be two presentations:

“Visualising UX Research”
by Nick Bowmast
Nick is a dynamic UX researcher & consultant from New Zealand. He’ll be talking about his techniques and showing some of his incredible work visualising UX research.

“Patenting UI designs”
by Naoise Gaffney
Naoise is a patent attorney with experience in European & US patents. In his talk, he’ll explain the patenting process, the pitfalls and the differences across the globe.

As usual, there will be a short section in the middle for sharing anything interesting you’ve recently seen / launched, so please have a think.

Then there will be networking until 9pm. As usual it’s at Gengo (thanks Gengo). It’s an open, inclusive group. Anyone interested in UX is welcome.