22 participants

Gengo offices 3-27-11, Yushin bldg 8F, Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan 150-0002

There will be two presentations:

“Talking Type”
Ian Lynam, an accomplished font designer and academic, will talk about fonts. He’ll go from the basics through to considerations for use of fonts on screen, and the effects on the user experience.

“Building TokyoCheapo.com to 1m page views”
Greg Lane, one of the founders of Tokyo Cheapo, will share insights from their journey in creating this now-successful site from scratch. He’ll talk about the successes & failures so far, and the plans to complete the journey to 1m page views/month.

As usual, there will be a short section in the middle for sharing anything interesting you’ve recently seen / launched, so please have a think.

Then there will be networking until 9pm. As usual it’s at Gengo (thanks Gengo). It’s an open, inclusive group. Anyone interested in UX is welcome.