40 participants

Gengo offices 3-27-11, Yushin bldg 8F, Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan 150-0002

There will be two presentations:

1) “Crashing users’ homes, drinking their tea”
Chris Palmieri will explain a user research technique called contextual inquiry, a fancy term for observing users doing stuff in their natural habitat. In a completely non-creepy way.

2) “Mobile UI Experiments to Improve UX”
Greg Lane, founder of Tokyo Cheapo will talk about some experiments to the interface of Tokyo Cheapo and the impact on user behaviour seen through the analytics data.

The presentations will be in English. There will be networking until 9pm.

One announcement:

Lowe Profero is looking for UX and UI professionals that can tackle the production challenge of modern UX/UI design. Design experience is required, but most importantly, being fluent in both Japanese and English is essential for this position.

Please contact TokyoJobs@loweprofero.com to find out more! ​If you meet these requirements, we would love to meet over a cup of coffee :-)